Elizabeth Mani is a renowned psychic, medium and intuitive adviser. Her private readings have inspired thousands of people not only in Brisbane where she is based, but also from all around the world. Having a personal psychic reading with Elizabeth is truly a once in a life time experience! It will give you complete clarity and direction for whatever it is that you seek answers for.

Mission Statement

“To offer guidance to people, so they are able to make the changes they need to in their lives to walk the path that was given to them by Divine Design, so as they can live their life purpose, come to know and understand their authentic self and along their journey strengthen their connection with the Divine”

About Elizabeth’s Readings


Psychic Medium Readings with Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi

Internationally recognised Psychic Medium, Elizabeth Mani has been communicating with the Saints since she was a small child.

As a gifted Psychic Medium Elizabeth is known for using her years of experience and the connection she has with her Guides Mary and Malachi to channel the guidance and advice that her client’s need to live a happier, more satisfying life.  Her signature readings with her Guides Mary (Magdalene) and Malachi (Prophet from the Old Testament) are as empowering as they are comforting.

For years, one of the pleasures of Elizabeth’s life has been conducting readings for her client’s through Mary and Malachi and helping her clients to reach their full potential as they gain the guidance and clarity they need for that moment in time or for big life changes.  Elizabeth has always stated ‘being able to assist people in getting to the heart of their challenges is an honour and a privilege’.

In a reading conducted by Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi can look into a person’s Book of Life – Akashic Records and give advice according to what is in their Book of Life, in relation to the best outcomes for situations and the path to follow.  They also have the ability to remove Karma and to change Karma for a person depending on the situation and how the person has been trying to work on themselves.

Whether you meet with Elizabeth through a private reading or workshop your time with Elizabeth will always be about you.  A common remark from Elizabeth’s clients is ‘each session is like years of therapy’.

Many of Elizabeth’s clients refer to Elizabeth as the new Wellness Coach.

The readings are always empowering and uplifting.  It’ll feel just like a conversation – it’s a dialogue between yourself and Mary and Malachi.

Reading sessions are intimate, and you will feel lighter, brighter, more empowered, have greater clarity and direction.

Invest in the care of your own soul with a reading session with Elizabeth and her guides Mary and Malachi.

During a reading, Mary and Malachi will explore the ‘whys’ of your current situation, whether that be….

  • In times of hardship
  • Major life changes
  • Large decisions
  • At a crossroad
  • Job or income issues
  • Feelings of being lost, or feelings of hopelessness, feeling out of touch, loss of direction etc
  • Health concerns
  • Discuss life path
  • Relationships
  • Business advice
  • Addictions

No matter what a person may be experiencing, the client will always leave a reading session with the necessary advice, clarity and direction to assist them in moving forward.

Most people prepare for their reading session by making a list of questions covering the main areas of their lives they need to explore and find resolutions for.

Some people schedule reading sessions as needed, and most receive a reading session weekly to monthly, or yearly as a way of fostering and maintaining their health and wellbeing and for staying on track.

Invest in the care of your own soul with a reading session with Elizabeth and her guides Mary and Malachi.

Make an appointment today for a personal reading and experience it for yourself.

Client Success Story

“I have been receiving readings from Elizabeth with Mary and Malachi as her spiritual guides annually for 25 years. She is not only incredibly accurate but also communicated detailed information relating to my childhood, my present situation and future events. The guidance I have received over the years has provided me with clarity in times of confusion, helped me take steps to improve my health and assisted me in making important decisions relating to my relationships and career. 

I really don’t believe my life would have turned out so positively had I not followed the guidance provided to me by Elizabeth and her guides over the years. I continue to have short readings annually to ensure I remain on the right path and when I’m unsure which road to take. Elizabeth is a kind, gentle and humble soul whom I highly recommend to anyone who has lost hope or needs direction in their life.”


40 Minute Reading

40-minute reading

Elizabeth advises that the 40 minute reading session is very similar to the 60 minute reading but with less time.  Because of this Elizabeth advises for the client to either have a general reading or have no more than 2 specific areas of concern to be discussed.  If time permits Elizabeth and her guides Mary and Malachi will explore other areas of concern for the client.

This reading session can be as interactive as the client chooses.

Are you fatigued? Burnt out? Feeling run down?

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