Hello everybody and welcome.

My name is Elizabeth Mani, and I have been working in the field of energy for the past 25 years. Whether that means working as a psychic medium, or whether that means working as an EV practitioner, which is a vibrational energy practitioner, to assist people with their health and wellbeing.

Tonight, I thought I’d like to share with you some basic daily energy routines for your aura, or as some would call, your energy field, or as scientists would call, your biofield. I don’t want to get into too much depth, because for the newbies, that can be very confusing. I will be doing three different sessions in the aura to give you some different energy techniques, daily energy techniques, that you can use. And with each session, I will be giving a little bit more information relating to your aura, or as I interchange, aura or your energy field.

Your aura is a electromagnetic field, which surrounds every living being on the planet. And a lot of people would describe your aura in an egg shape. And within this egg shape, the aura has seven layers, which is also linked to our seven chakras, whether that be through the colors, or whether it be through energy, it’s all interrelated. And each aura chakra has different vibrational frequencies, which go from dense to not so dense. I will be doing some discussions on the chakras, and I really don’t want to get too deeply into those today. But basically, I want to say that every living being, whether it be plant, animal, human being, has an aura. And within that aura, there are seven layers that directly connect with us to our environment, which then feeds that information in through the chakras, which the chakras then hang on to, or they disperse off.

Our auras form depending on what’s happening for people, and what’s happening in their lives, and they can move. They’re not just set in concrete and that’s the way they stay. They can bend out of shape, they can hug too close, they can be really set apart. It just depends about what’s happening for that person on that day, what their thoughts are, what their moods are, what’s going on in their environment, who they’re having connection with. Are they well, or aren’t they well. Just a whole range of different things can have an impact on a person’s energy field.

As a general rule of thumb, your energy field… If you hold your arms out like so, your energy field is usually the width of what your arms are held out straight. And as I said before, they’ll go around into an egg shape, and usually about three feet down into the ground, and three feet above your head. If you’re a person that is experiencing a lot of anxiety or depression, then your energy field may be sitting really flat on top of your head, where you feel like you’ve got no space to think, and you find it difficult to think clearly, and you’re feeling rather suffocated, and you’re really out of sorts.

If you’re a person that’s feeling, I’m just not feeling like I’m connected, I’m not connecting to anyone, I just don’t feel like myself, I feel like my head and my body aren’t connected, I just don’t know what’s going on. This could simply mean that you’re not grounded, and that your energy stops right at the bottom of your feet.

Your energy field can also be misshaped, whereby if you were to stand straight up and down here, part of your energy could be really lopsided and misshaped and flip over to the other side. And I know it’s happened to me where I’m walking, and I’m crossing in front of people. And so that says to me, when I do that, that I need to work on my energy, and bring it into a sphere where it’s not that I’m walking crooked or I’m walking straight, but I’m feeling balanced, I’m feeling grounded, and I’m feeling connected, and not just feeling a bit overwhelmed in life in general, because that’s what that can usually mean if it is lopsided.

Because I do see energy, I see the colors of energy, and I’ll get more into that in the next session. But I also see, and have noticed, that there seems to be a commonality with different energy fields. And that commonality to me is the grid. I’ve actually drew a picture of this today. I am not an artist, so please forgive me. But just to give you an example of what I’m talking about.

First of all, before I go any further, I’ve done this picture today. As I said, I am not an artist. So here’s the person. Here’s the seven different layers of the energy field. It’s done around the egg shape. And here’s your seven chakras. And you can see the first chakra, which is the root chakra, is very much connected to the first layer of your auric field. And you’ll find that basically, they’re roughly the same color. So if your first chakra is red, then your first auric is also red. Varying in degrees and different shades, depending on what’s happening to that person. And so on and so forth as we go up to the seventh.

I’ve actually put an eighth up there, because on my last session, I’d like to have a bit of a chat with you about that, because that’s where our Book of Life sits. And those that actually want to be practitioners, to be an EV practitioner, will learn a lot about the Book of Life and how to actually connect with that. So I thought I’d draw that, and in an ideal world, that there is your perfect aura.

What I was saying before, within each auric field, I have noticed a commonality. And not everybody’s the same, but most people are predominantly one or the other. There’s a lot of people that have a loosely knit aura field. What I see… So here’s your auric field going around you and it’s in the different layers, but within those layers, and going across those seven layers, is a grid. And this grid, for a lot of people, can be quite loosely knit. Now for other people within their auric field, this grid can be quite tightly bound. And for other people, the grid is really lopsided and just doesn’t look right, doesn’t sit right.

And what I’ve come to discover… People will have one of three, but what I’ve come to discover is that if a person has a very loose auric field, they need to be extremely careful. They may become quite unwell or just with the common flu. Because their grid is so broad, it can take a long time for them to get over the flu. And then what is most concerning is then that flu can then turn into pneumonia or instead of having a week off, they need to have three weeks off.

And if you have a grid like this grid pattern in your auric field, I would strongly recommend for you to be right onto your vitamins, right on to healthy eating, just to really give your energy system that extra boost, to be able to help it to move that illness or that disease out of your system. This can be quite troublesome, particularly if you become unwell or, I found, particularly if you’re a person that finds it very difficult to let things go. And because if you’ve got such big grids, it’s really difficult for it to get from one gap to the other. And that’s when a vibrational energy practitioner who’s aware of these grids and the different shapes that different people can have in their energy field, once they have that discussion with you, they will then know what techniques they need to do to be able to help you and your energy to quickly move through this illness.

So it’s really, really important. And not many people really talk about this, but because I have vision, I’m able to see these things in people’s energy field. And I’ve been able to teach a lot of my students some techniques that are able to really assist their clients.

This is the tightly bound energy field. And what happens with this one, these are people that are getting the same recurring problem again, and again and again. And it’s like, I’m doing everything I’m meant to be doing, I’m taking all the medication that the doctor says, I’m going to a naturopath and following their guidelines, and doing everything that they’re saying I need to do, I’m doing all the tapping and all the vibrational energy work that I need to do, and nothing’s shifting. Nothing’s happening.

With this energy field, what happens is it’s a bit like a vine. And what I mean by that is your energy, as it’s getting moved down, as a practitioner is moving your energy out, that illness or disease, or what’s happening for you, out of your energy field, it’s like a vine and it gets caught around these grids because they’re so close together. And once again, this is a specific technique that the EV practitioners learn, to be able to assist their clients to untangle this and to move the flu, the illness, out of the energy field, and also give you some strategies so it’s not as recurring, because it can be quite problematic for people.

This one here… And these are the two most common ones. If a person has been through serious illness, and I mean chronic serious illness like cancer, chronic fatigue, something really serious, or they’ve been through a traumatic event like death of a loved one, a terrible car accident. What happens is their grid within their chakras, gets really disformed, and really out of whack.

And this takes a lot of work to get it at least even something like this or this, depending on what their normal pattern is. And it might be hard to find, because you’ll notice that where that’s all wavy and a bit skewed, it’s not sitting right, you’ll get a general idea when you’re working with that person, and you’re noticing those gaps, if they’re far apart or close together, of what their natural grid is. So then you will work with the trauma, the energy and you’ll work with unblocking, and sealing, and working with those leaks that they may have in their energy field. And then you will work with them to get them back to one or two of their familiar patterns. So I actually call these the grids.

I learned this many years ago and I found this very fascinating. Every body is connected. There’s not one living soul that’s not connected. The only thing is, do we feel like we can get along with those people? Are we on the same wavelength as them? Do we have things in common? So some people we do, some people we don’t. Some people we feel really awkward with and it’s like, gosh, what am I… I don’t know if you’ve been in that situation, but I have, what am I going to say next? It’s very uncomfortable. Other people it’s like, oh, welcome, hi, where have you been all my life, and a really good friendship can start out. And it all depends on these grids here and what’s happened in a person’s life. But what I see… So imagine these are all the different people here, and these are all the different energy fields. We have this universal grid that’s connecting us all.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw ‘The Matrix’, and I thought… It wasn’t exactly what I saw, but I thought, “Geez, that’s pretty close.” Because I was looking at the grid. And this is what I see. And it’s universal. It just goes out forever. But it’s what connects us all to one another. And this one here, and you’ll notice that there’s no patterns in here of trauma, no loosely built energy fields, no closely knit energy fields… This is of a person that’s just about ready to pass away.

And I know this because I had a really close friend and she had a brain tumor and she wasn’t well, and she was in hospital and the doctors were saying that she probably wouldn’t leave hospital alive. Anyway, a couple of days before she passed away, I woke up with a start in my bedroom, and she was sitting on this chair that I had in my room beside my television. And I was looking at her and she was looking at me. And then I looked at her energy field, and her energy field, there was absolutely no color to it, it was very dense, and it had this really gluggy look about it. And then I had the realization.

If you’ve ever heard of mediums and they may be giving information to a group of people, and those meetings are in a really deep trance, and then whether it be through their mouth or through their nose, ectoplasm comes out, and it’s a form of a being who then conveys information. Well, that is what I was looking at. People when you pass away, your energy field becomes that. It’s clear, it’s thick, it’s dense, and it’s ectoplasm. It’s not like you’re going pass over, and oh my God, there’s this really thick, dense, ectoplasm around everybody. You don’t look at everybody and see their aura. But I saw that, and I had the realization that that makes sense to me now.

So when trance mediums do their thing and they go into the trance, and some people have that ectoplasm come out, it makes perfect sense, because that was what I was seeing in this woman. And she passed away the very next month. So interesting. I just thought I would share that with you.

So I’d like to today, or tonight, or whenever it is for you people that are watching, and I thank you for watching, to give you a couple of very quick aura techniques that will be able to assist you.

Now, if you really do have… If you’re going through some of your illness or some trauma, and your energy field is already all over the place, you probably will need to go and see an energy vibrational practitioner to help to smooth that out, and get everything working as it should. And then from there, you can maintain through doing the daily exercise.

I forgot to mention also that some people’s energy can also be cut off above your knees. And that’s also a form of, I’m not feeling connected, I don’t feel like myself, everything’s going wrong, what’s going on for me? It’s because your energy field’s way up here somewhere. And it’s just like, I don’t even know if I’m on my path, if I’m heading in the right direction, if I’m doing the right thing, I’m so confused. That can really contribute to that.

So the first thing I like to do and I like to say to people, if you’re going to do a basic energy technique on your energy field cum aura, whatever name you want to call your electromagnetic field… I like to say to people, first of all, you rub your hands together, clear it of any energy that you may have had around you, so you blow it off like I just did. Rub your hands together. This is actually really good if you want to start to really get a good feel of energy fields. If you really wanted to know too, what type of energy you had, what type of grid you had, then you can get a sense of the space between your energy field, particularly if it’s going past your arm, and then have real feel for… This is your etheric, the one closest to your body. And just see if you can sense if you’ve got small gaps or bigger gaps, because I will teach you eventually a couple of techniques that will help you to clear through your energy field.

So the first thing I would recommend very strongly, and this only has to take a couple of moments, you can do it either with a partner or by yourself. You can hear it but you can’t see it, unfortunately. But I would do what I would call the raking. And to make it really easy… Maybe I’ll do it here.

To make it really simple, you say, right, I’m going to start on the center, so as I can’t get lost along the way. So you go down, and you’re raking. You’re raking all the debris and the muck out of your energy field. And you go down. As you’re going down, remember… Imagine this is my CTS. So you’re going down and then raking it out. You’re going down, and raking it out. Then you’re blowing on your hands. Then you’re coming over just to one side, and you’re raking down, and out, and do the same again. Then you go from the top of your head, down to your feet and out. And you do six of those on one side. Then you come back to the center again, and you do six of those on the other side.

So you’ve raked your energy out, and you’re clearing out all debris, and you’ve raked it out. And before you get back to the next line that you’re on, you cleanse your hands. You’re blowing off any debris. Now, when you first start, if you’ve never done this before, I’d recommend doing this three to six times, and then you’ll probably find that you only need to do it once on either side. This will automatically capture your back. However, if you’re a person and you’ve had really bad back pains or really bad shoulder pain or neck pain, it would be really beneficial if you could stand up and have somebody working at the back for you, or lay down on your bed, or if you have a healing bed, lay down on that and have somebody work through your energy from the top of your head, to the bottom of your feet. And this way, you could get them to do the front and the back, and then you could do the same for them.

So this is an amazing energy technique that really helps to clear out any of the debris that you might have. Then the last thing that I would recommend for people to do, and I’ll be recommending this to all the different sessions, would be the hooker.

And what you do, any finger, pick a finger, and I’ll pick my pointer, but you point it in your belly button. Sorry you can’t see me, I’ve tried every way to try to get a full picture, but I can’t so we’ll just work with where we’re at right now. So put your finger in your belly button and put a little bit of pressure there. So here’s the bridge of your nose. Then you come up, about there, to where your third eye is, and you put a bit of pressure there. Then you hold that pressure for a couple of seconds. Then you lifted it up, same with the belly button, and you do that… Sorry I connect straight away because I’ve done this today. And you connect up. Now what’ll happen, you hold about 15 or 20 seconds, you’re going to feel like giving a really big sigh or a really big yawn. And that tells you you’re connected and that will also help to strengthen your energy field.

Next week I’ll take you through some different energy techniques that you can use for your energy field. And then the following week, I’ll talk to you about how to work with the different grids that are in your energy field. I’d like to end today… I really love our children. And sometimes our little people will have some nightmares, whether it be through books that they’ve read and all of a sudden their little imagination goes driving all the time, or for whatever reason they may have a nightmare. And I have found a really nice technique to do with the children is take them out shopping and go and get a jasmine plant, and what was that other plant… I can’t think of it for the life of me. Jasmine… Mental blank. Give me one moment, because I did write it down, because I knew this was going to happen today.

Anyway. Sorry. I will tell you what it is next week. But it doesn’t matter. For now, grab the jasmine plant. Break the leaves off, fill this up with some water, put the leaves of the Jasmine in the water and put it under the bed. And what that does is it draws out all negativity from the dreams, and from that room. It’s a bit like a dream catcher, but I just think it’s amazing because it’s natural, it won’t harm the children, and it’s something that they can do that will help them move through their nightmares and gives them the feeling of I’m safe. So try this technique with them. I’m so sorry, I just had a total mental blank on the name of the other leaf. And when I see it, I’ll think yep, that’s right. But anyway, I don’t have it now and there’s nothing that I can do about that. So for now just use the jasmine, and it will help remove the negativity. Just a little thing for our children.

So I hope you found this beneficial today. I’ve enjoyed talking with you. I hope you have a lovely day, or for some if it’s evening, I hope you have a lovely evening, and I’ll talk to you next week. Bye.

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