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Elizabeth is humbly God’s servant and has been called to help others through the guidance of Saints.

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Elizabeth is a world-leading psychic medium, life coach, healer and a voice for the New Age. Her clients include politicians, celebrities, business owners, homemakers, corporate executives, students, police officers and first responders, doctors, business owners and more.

Elizabeth works directly with her two spiritual guides Mary (Magdalene) & Malachi, part of the ‘Order of the Blue Robe’. It is through them that Elizabeth has been blessed with a special gift that allows her to channel a divine influence to help people heal, renew one’s faith & assist those who are lost.

Elizabeth’s journey can be described as ‘From the Gutter to God.’ Elizabeth can see people’s true selves, a gift that she has had since she was a child. From her earliest memory, Elizabeth can remember having the ability to connect and communicate with Spirit. For Elizabeth, it was a natural part of her everyday life and nothing out of the ordinary.

But then came a darker side, and Elizabeth endured nightmares, a childhood full of abuse, and evil where she came under attack for many years. This placed Elizabeth into a state of fear. For years she craved a normal life realising that these experiences were not ‘ordinary’ for everyone else and began to understand that she was ‘different’.

Elizabeth was from a Catholic family that had little or no understanding of what she was experiencing, and she quickly understood that they did not want to know what was happening to her. She decided that it was easier to say nothing. This thinking carried on throughout Elizabeth’s life and into her childhood, teens and with her peers. Isolated is the word that Elizabeth uses to describe her growing years.

Elizabeth will never forget the times where she learnt that acts of kindness can come from those whom you least expect. She recalls the time that she arrived home after the birth of her daughter, aware that her husband was having an affair with a woman across the road from where they lived.

The house was a mess, and her neighbour who lived next door who had a mild intellectual disability came over and said: “I’ll hold your baby, do what you have to do to get organised and the house clean so that you feel OK and can deal with this situation.”

Elizabeth recalls going to St Vincent de Paul (a society that operates to helps those less fortunate), and they refused her bread and butter. Centrelink had made a mistake with her payments; she found that those who had the absolute least, the people whom the community were begrudging or turning away from, were those who asked Elizabeth if they could help. She recalls sitting in the gutter crying, not knowing what to do – they were the ones coming up and sitting beside her, lending a kind ear.

A short time later, Elizabeth went to a women’s shelter with her three children and was cared for by a group of aboriginal women that adored her and her children. To be so poor and to worry about how you are going to feed your children the next day and having to eat that humble pie it is so humiliating. The last people that she’d expect were the ones that would buy some groceries or come around with meals. These were the people that society was shunning. But because they had been down some hard roads themselves, they could relate to her, empathise, there was no judgement. They were so kind.

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Through these experiences, Elizabeth learnt humility, gratefulness, and never to judge. She began to look at people with a different set of eyes, with kindness and not judgement and to appreciate everyone for who they are.

“Just be kind. Everyone is here to learn something.”

It was when Elizabeth moved to Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, twenty-five years ago that she reached a pivotal moment. Her children were then still at school, and she felt like her world was falling apart.  Elizabeth lost everything, she lost her friends, and her children had gone to live with her ex-husband. She felt utterly stripped of her entire being.

Elizabeth recalls sitting at her kitchen table and saying, “OK God, let’s do this.” The moment she said that, admitting and acknowledging that she had a higher purpose and calling, slowly everything started to flow with greater ease and fall into place.

Elizabeth learnt Reiki and redeveloped her connection with God and admits that she was still so angry with Father in how she had a childhood of abuse and how he could allow that to happen.

Soon after, Elizabeth’s two spiritual guides, Mary and Malachi, came through and taught Elizabeth everything she knows. The attacks then stopped. She was surrounded by protection.


Elizabeth vowed that she would help those who helped her in her time of need. She became a strong advocate for those who had experienced similar adversities to herself. She didn’t wallow in the experiences, and she took what she needed to learn from them and utilised them to aid others. Elizabeth went to university and ensured that her neighbour who helped her many years ago had everything (plus more), in her community years later.

Elizabeth has worked with several organisations and held many roles to give back and support those with whom she identified with and wanted to help. Elizabeth has been a youth worker with the high extreme cases of children and managed to build quick rapport and a safe environment for them because she could resonate with them.

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She has also worked as a Lifeline telephone councillor, a Child Safety Officer, Disability Services Queensland, assisted street kids, a court support person for domestic violence, a manager for services working in childcare through to working with men and developing programs for those who were perpetrators of domestic violence through to developing programs for schools and universities to provide awareness, diversity and inclusions.

People matter. Every single person matters. They are important, they are of value. 

Elizabeth has a very gentle approach with her clients and refers to Father or God in her readings, key-note presentations, workshops and sessions. Elizabeth encourages her clients to use words that resonate with them and with what they identify with, such as Universe, Father, Spirit, Divine etc.


Elizabeth Mani Praying

Elizabeth is obsessed with helping others to become their best self and to help people find clarity, their path and guide to become unstuck. Please note that Elizabeth does not typically bring forth loved ones as she believes there are enough people who are providing that service, however at times messages will come through to which she will relay.

What sets Elizabeth apart from others in her field is that she works directly with Mary, Malachi, the Saints, and with God. Elizabeth creates a safe, welcoming and a non-judgemental environment, and her readings are in ‘flow.’ Her guides are respectful and allow for important validations to occur in the sessions. She is internationally recognised for her professionalism, compassion, and long-standing client base. Elizabeth does not believe in co-dependency and empowers her clients to stand in their truth and trust in their highest self.

Elizabeth liken herself to as a step-by-step guide who along with Mary, Malachi and the Saints will walk with you on your journey. Together they help share the load to enable you to become unstuck and to reach your full potential to get back on your path. Through her work with the Saints, Elizabeth will share in the joy and success as well as the slips and the falls that occur in life.

Recently, Elizabeth held a reading for Georgia (from Queensland, Australia) who said, “There are not enough words to express my gratitude and thanks for the support and guidance I have received from Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi. They have guided me through very challenging moments in my life and have fought very hard for me. It all worked out well as they said it would.

I cannot overstate enough how the healings and clearings have affected all areas of my life in a positive way. It is truly a great comfort to me to know that my family and I are safe and protected.

The readings have left me speechless on more than one occasion and extremely happy. I knew I could trust the information and advice I was provided. The readings also validated for me that our loved ones are still around us even after they pass away. This validation gave me a lot of peace of mind, and it was one of the greatest gifts I received during a difficult emotional time.

Energy Clearing
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Elizabeth is a very kind, compassionate lady who has an extraordinary gift which she uses selflessly. Her guides Mary and Malachi are, without a doubt, the most loving and generous beings I have been blessed to speak with. There is no judgement from them, only love, honesty, sincerity and a lot of patience!”

Another client, Sheryl, said, “My first reading with Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi was in 2012, and I have had regular readings ever since. They are so caring and genuine and very, very accurate whether it be a face to face reading or via phone. Readings are very detailed and clear so you can focus on the things in your life that need adjustment or confirmation. Recently they communicated with my unborn grandson and I was absolutely amazed that everything he was telling them was true. They absolutely could not have known the details he told them as only myself and my daughter knew about it. What a miracle that was. I feel like I know my grandbaby before he’s actually born. It’s a real privilege to be guided by them.”

Michelle, who has been receiving readings from Elizabeth with Mary and Malachi as her guides for the past 25 years says, “Elizabeth is not only incredibly accurate but also communicated detailed information relating to my childhood, my present situation and future events. The guidance I have received over the years has provided me with clarity in times of confusion and utter despair, helped me take steps to improve my health and assisted me in making important decisions relating to my relationships and career opportunities. I really don’t believe my life would have turned out so positively had I not followed the guidance provided to me by Elizabeth’s guides over the years. I continue to have short readings annually to ensure I remain on the right path and when I’m unsure which road to take. Elizabeth is a kind, gentle and humble soul whom I highly recommend to anyone who has lost hope or needs direction in their life.”

“I just wanted to thank Elizabeth for the wonderful work she does. I have been fortunate enough to have had multiple readings from Elizabeth and her guides Mary and Malachi over the past few years. Every reading has provided me with so much guidance and direction in my life, and her energy is so calming. I can’t recommend Elizabeth enough; she is amazing! Warm wishes, Tania.”

To read more testimonials, click here.

Elizabeth achieves these results through working with her spiritual guides Mary and Malachi, the Saints and her direct connection to God. Together, they provide clarity, calmness, a feeling of serenity and peace within self. They understand that everyone needs help with something, and they quickly allow any shame to dissipate.

Mary and Malachi understand your personality and what makes you ‘tick’ so that they communicate with you in a way that resonates. They will look at every single scenario to help guide you and, in a style and language that is concise and suitable to you. It gives people hope to understand how to ride the wave by following the guidance, which allows for a smoother landing.

Elizabeth and her spiritual guides renew one’s faith and is a guiding light for those who are lost.

What Elizabeth typically finds having worked with thousands of people from across the globe is that her clients:

  • Don’t know where they are at with their life.
  • They feel stuck
  • Believe that their health is failing
  • Confused, mixed up, need guidance in certain areas
  • Want to know if they will be successful, have children, find a partner
  • Feel like ghosts or spirits are in their house

Elizabeth understands that first-time clients may initially feel scared, wonder if they are ready to hear what is going to be relayed to them, feel like they may be ‘ripped-off,’ lied to, or researched prior.

Elizabeth alleviates and removes these concerns by providing highly accurate readings that are recorded and sent as mp3 files. With a waiting-list due to demand, Elizabeth offers several services to assist her clients

  • 20 min, 40 min and 1-hour Readings
  • Individual Energy Clearing & Healing
  • Residential (House) Clearing
  • Blessings:

Sacred Seal of Protection

The St Faustina Prayer – Chaplet of Mercy

  • Family Curse Removal
  • Demonology
  • Individual Meditation Program
  • Psychic Development Workshops
  • Online Courses
  • Events
  • Key-note Presentations

To book or enquire about one or several of Elizabeth’s services, contact us here.

Elizabeth Mani

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