Anatomy Vibrational Energy Healing and Anatomy Clearing

“Create a positive change today. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you”.

Are you feeling:

  • Burnt out?
  • Are you exhausted or fatigued?
  • Stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or experiencing insomnia?

Or are you going through or recently gone through significant transitions and change in your life, such as:

  • Illness or disease
  • Divorce
  • Job redundancy
  • Change of residence
  • Anew addition to your family or traumatic events
  • Difficulty feeling energised in the morning
  • Feeling aches and pains and depleted of all energy and motivation but would like to be re-energised.

If this is you, and you would like to begin the process of making positive changes to your life and reboot, realign, rebalance and re-energise, then this is the healing for you.

The whole process for the Anatomy Vibrational Energy  Healing and Anatomy Clearing takes approx.  2hrs.

 Elizabeth first begins by Cleansing your Anatomy Energy Field through Prayer and the smudging of White Sage around and over your body, Elizabeth then focuses on the Anatomy of your Energy Field (Aura) and balances, removes blocks, past life traumas, realigns and smooths out the client’s Anatomy Energy Field for the Prana Energy to flow freely.

From this Elizabeth then focuses her energy to the client’s seven (7) primary Chakra’s to remove debris and blocks for the purpose of cleansing, charging and opening the chakra’s for the free flow of Energy – Prana Energy – up and down the spine and to the Meridians.

Once the Chakra’s are open and charged, Elizabeth then begins the tracing of a client’s Meridians, removing debris, blocks and realigning, to create a smooth flow of energy – Prana Energy –  in the Meridian channels to flow freely to a client’s physical anatomy and DNA.

The Anatomy Vibrational Energy Healing is then completed by the adjustment, calling in of fragmented pieces of our Energy that has been separated or damaged from the client’s Anatomy Vibrational Energy Field usually by illness and/or trauma. For this to happen Elizabeth works with specific breathing techniques and touch to heal, harmonising and rebalancing of a client’s Grid – the foundation for all the Anatomy Vibrational Energy Field Layers – Anatomy Energy Field (Aura), Chakra’s and Meridians – and the power system network that distributes and loads the Energetic Vibrational Frequencies throughout the body. Each part of the Grid fulfills a specific function  as does the spaces between the grid have specific meaning, the smaller the margin between the grid more tension and stress is created. A larger margin between the grid can affect the flowlines of energy and take a person longer to move through an illness, disease or situations detrimental to their wellbeing.

Elizabeth Blessing with Cross

When the Grid is broken in places the Grid is then separated in areas that interfere with the regular flow and distribution of the Energetic Vibrational Frequencies.  Sometimes, the Grid can try to mend itself but this only causes more dysfunction, and can further weaken a person’s physical anatomy.  The Grid has an impact on everything but it is impossible to mend until all the other Energy Systems and realigned and free flowing.  To do so could cause irreparable damage to a person’s Anatomy Vibrational Energy Field which then has an automatic flow on effect to the client.

In addition to the Healing, Elizabeth, has also included Energy Clearing.  This is for the purpose of clearing all blockages that hinder you from moving forward and once again embracing the ‘real you’, your true authentic self of love, kindness, freedom, fun, laughter, adventure and most importantly wellness.

Anatomy Vibrational Energy Healing and Anatomy Clearing


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