Blessing Ritual

Blessing – Divine favours are invoked upon persons or material possessions to bestow, favour, to prosper and to grant gifts of peace, grace and goodness to the recipient.

In a time when so many beliefs no longer serve us, and when so many structures that were supposed to preserve meaning and value have failed us, the ritual itself holds meaning.  A Blessing Ritual is an outward, ceremonial act that expresses an inner, spiritual reality.

This very action connects people to what is true, to what endures, to the ways we are held by something larger than ourselves.

Blessings, provide a safe way to forestall any, potentially negative consequences and to promote long-term success for individuals, homes, businesses, couples, pets, material possessions, i.e. vehicles or institutions involved.

Blessing Rituals can also be used to correct more serious problems such as negative energies in the land, negative predecessor, financial misfortune, poor health, bad neighbourhood energy.  Blessing Ritual can also serve to identify if a place is haunted by spirits.  Space Clearing is also then required, for example, are important rituals that should be carried out during and after construction, before occupancy in new spaces, and periodically as part of regular maintenance.

Also, building rituals are an important contribution of geomancy to our building practices.

Blessing Rituals can be used to prepare the land for use, to clear out unwanted energies in existing buildings, to bless or consecrate land or buildings for a particular purpose, and even to help the serious problems, such as illness or misfortune.

Blessing Rituals also tend to improve the outcome of construction, helping to ensure timely schedules, safety to workmen and successful lives for those living or using the site.

The Blessing Ritual can also help to increase income, help with career, and help resolve legal or emotional entanglements with money.

Elizabeth Blessing with Cross

We can trust a Blessing Ritual because it connects us to what we recognise as true at a level deeper than words. Rituals are the language of the Sacred.  The Blessing Ritual can greatly enhance our chances for success, health and happiness and is a strong vehicle for happiness and healing. Blessings bring specific powers and consequently, specific influences into our spaces and lives. Through the process of Elizabeth Mani specific Blessing Rituals, it is possible to promote desired results, program space for a given purpose, or increase the odds for success in particular relationships and/or activities.  Often quite aesthetically beautiful.

Blessing Ritual


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