Psychic Medium FAQs About Elizabeth’s Readings

Where are you from?

Central Queensland

How long have you had your gift?

I have been seeing and communicating with spirit since I was a child.

How do the readings work?

I work directly with my spiritual guides Mary & Malachi. I have worked with Mary & Malachi for over 15 years, all the information in the reading is translated from Mary & Malachi through to me.

Do you use Tarot Cards, Photo’s or Jewellery, etc?

No, I do not use any tools. The information in the readings come directly from Mary & Malachi and is translated through to me.

Do I have to give you information about me?

No, I have a strict policy in my business that clients do not disclose any information prior to the reading, to me or my staff members.

Who are Mary and Malachi?

Two Jewish people who have told me they had earthly experience 2000 years ago. Their wisdom is profound. They come from a place of truth, and they are very, very kind. I understand them to be high, pure energy.

How do you work with your guides?

Mary and Malachi listen to what each client’s higher self has to say, and transmits the messages to me. All I do is relay this information.

What information do you give people?

The readings are very individual and are centred on the now, the readings are always conveyed with kindness and non judgement and are given with the highest good and intent.

Do you give future readings?

Future enters the reading if it is relevant to the reading, the readings are centred on the now, if you don’t implement the now, the future can change, even though eventually you will get back on your path.

Do departed loved ones come through in the readings?

Yes, but this is at Mary & Malachi’s grace. primarily your reading is with Mary & Malachi as the primary purpose for me to give readings is through my two guides Mary & Malachi. However, departed loved ones quite often grace the readings and in special cases where a recently departed loved one (usually within seven days) is in a place of healing Mary & Malachi are unique in that they can rely messages from the place of healing to the client.

Is there any difference between a phone reading and a face to face reading?

No, the reason being is that the information in a reading comes directly from Mary & Malachi. The information that they give does not change whether it is over the phone or face to face, the information they give to you is exactly the same. It comes down to the individual’s preference, some people prefer to have a face to face reading and others are time restricted and a phone reading is the preferred option. I have interstate and international clients some have never had a face to face reading, only over the phone.

What makes you different to other Psychic Mediums?

It is the validations, truth’s & guidance that Mary & Malachi & I give to the individual, this validation and truth can be a conversation that a person has had two weeks prior in their home with their partner, or some-one in a domestic violent relationship, a person who is thinking about taking their own life, some-one in severe depression or simply validating and giving guidance on a business deal, talking to some-one about their love life, career, family or fighting for some-one that has lost their job and nearly all their possessions and are in deep financial trouble.

Every single human being matters to Mary & Malachi they will fight for each and every one of us. There is nothing they cannot tell you or give you guidance on. All of the above continually happens in readings not only do Mary & Malachi bring all of this up to people they give them the strategies, tools and the guidance to help them. They do not leave them without any direction or assistance.

It has been quoted by my clients “You can find the best takeaway in Brisbane your absolute favourite food. Having a reading with Mary & Malachi is like going to a Michelin Star Restaurant “That once in a lifetime Experience”

Why do people come to you for readings?

Mary & Malachi work on a soul level if people have a major decision to make, any major hurdles or blockages, health problems, in a rut, lost or disheartened, Mary & Malachi, will state what the problem or issue is and give them, strategies, tools, guidance and answers to help people move forward.

Does everyone like what they hear?

Not always, we are human and want to hear what our heart wants, Mary & Malachi often say to people “What earthly good are we to you, if we do not talk to you about this” I have had clients come back or call me and say ” Thankyou – at the time of the reading I didn’t hear what I wanted but needed you to know that I somehow feel different and better for having the reading.”

Do you have an age limit?

Yes, you have to be 18 & over to have a reading with Mary, Malachi and myself, however if you are under 18 we will offer to give you a 20 minute reading, only if your parent or guardian is with you in the reading. The information given will be centred around your studies.

Do you only conduct readings in Brisbane?

No, I have always conducted readings in the Brisbane area, North Queensland and Melbourne. I decided to take my business to a higher level and started my media campaign in Toowoomba in July 2010, to incorporate the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Lismore, Tamworth, Mossman, Cairns, Townsville, and Rockhampton, in 2013 my tour will include Mt Isa and all of the Australian Capitals and 2014 will see us travelling overseas to incorporate the major cities.

I also have interstate and international clients, majority of these clients have only had phone readings. Even though I did have one client fly from America once just to sit in front of myself, Mary & Malachi for a reading.

Who should come for a reading?

Anybody that has lost direction or needs guidance and answers to their problems whether that is relationship, business advice, health, or life in general, Mary and Malachi will be able to give them the answers and direction that they need.

Are you seeking clarity, direction, or answers?

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