Introducing Elizabeth Mani and the topic of demonology

Hello, everyone. My name is Elizabeth Mani, and I have been working in the field of energy for 25 years. In the field of energy, I also work as a demonologist. And in that framework, I also do curse removal, house clearings, which are really deliverance house clearings, blessing rituals, which I take it to the next extent and do deliverance blessing rituals for people. So there’s quite a lot involved when I do the work for individuals that request these services. And I’ve noticed that recently, there have been a number of people that have been asking for exorcisms, or deliverance prayers, or the house clearing rituals, which are really the deliverance house clearing rituals along with the deliverance blessings. And not only in Australia, but all across the world. So I’ve had clients in America, and Dubai, and in England, as well as Australia that have been requesting these.

But along with having these requests, I’ve had people also saying to me that they’re very interested in working in the field of demonology, and what does that involve? How do they know that this is where they’re meant to be? The first thing I would say is, you have a calling within you. It’s a personal calling. And even as a child, you may have found that you’re interested in anything to do with the paranormal. It could be as simple as you were continually wanting to get readings, or you wanted to watch a lot of DVDs or movies on the paranormal, or read as many books as you possibly can, or even work in the field. So you just feel that you need to involve yourself in some way with the paranormal field. The next way is that you could have as a child come under attack by demonic forces, like what happened to myself.

And for me, that was every single night from as a very small child until a very late teenager. So you could be coming under attack in those ways. And it’s just a feeling that you get within that you feel called to do God’s work to be able to help people to rid this curse or rid them of a demonic attack. So it’s a knowing, it’s a calling. It’s something that you can’t really explain. It’s just a knowing that this is where you’re meant to be. Also, another important thing for a person that wants to work in the field of demonology. It’s very important. And most people do. They have spiritual discernment, and that is something that I have. And a classic example is, I went to a family’s place. I think it was about 18 months, two years ago, where their three-year-old daughter was under demonic attack.

Mum was getting scratched three times on the leg. There were knocks on the walls. Anyway, there was this woman in spirit, and this little girl that the child was identifying that was visiting them. And as soon as I got there, I said, “That’s not a little girl, and that’s not a friendly female person visiting this child. They’re actually demonic.” And it’s unknowing. It comes deep from within, you just know you’re in the face of evil. So it’s more than intuition. It’s even more than knowing. It’s just, you have that spiritual discernment that you know what is good and what is not good. And some people, like myself, I’ve been given authority over the demonic. And I have always had that. I’ve always known I could do exorcisms or deliverance prayers. I’ve always known that. They’ve never been allowed to touch me. I’ve seen them attack others, but they have never been allowed to scratch me.

They’ve been allowed to frighten me, but never allowed to touch me. And I’ve always known that I had that authority over the demonic. So for me, it’s always been a personal calling. I was busy with raising a family, bringing my children up, finding out who I was as a human being, and also fear for what happened to me as a child. That stopped me for many years coming and fully embracing this field. But now I’m here, and now I’m prepared to do it. So, once again, this isn’t a field for the lighthearted. Now with this field, also comes personal responsibility. Not only for the people that you going in to do the exorcism or the deliverance prayers for, or the property that you’re doing the exorcism or the deliverance prayers for, but you have a personal responsibility towards yourself, and you have a personal responsibility towards those that were with you, and your loved ones.

So with that personal responsibility, you must protect yourself. Before you go into battle with demonic forces, you must ensure that what you’ve done is enough to keep you and your loved one safe. Those that don’t do that can easily come under demonic attack, can easily receive the oppression, infestation. It’s terrible. Particularly for those that have the demonic presence come inside them. So you have a personal responsibility to ensure that you’ve done everything prior to going in and doing that exorcism that you need to do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. And then when you go in to do the exorcism, you need to be very certain of the prayers and the ritual that you’re doing is going to work. So it’s a lot of responsibility. It’s not something that you just put up your hand and say, “Hey, I’ll do this.” And you really need to get to the core of how that person, where was the entry point for that person? Where did that demonic presence get the legal right to come into that home, or have the legal right to come into you personally?

Because if you haven’t invited that evil presence in by saying, “The demonic is my father, and I worship you and want you in my life.” If you haven’t done that, then you need to work with that person to closely look at what has happened to bring that demonic force in. A person that I was working with just recently, a demonic force came into her energy field through ancestral curses. It was amazing when we tracked it right back, and it went right back to, I think it was the 1700s, when there was a lot of murder of the witches in England, and her father and mother were involved in these handful of people, I think there was about 12 of them being burned at the stake. And one of these was a woman. And even though at the time she was innocent, was just terrified. And the only thing she felt she had the power to do was to curse all of those that were present that were going to burn her and her colleagues at the stake.

And with that, that then became an ancestral curse, which then went through generation, to generation, to generation. And with that, a lot of bad luck followed the family. There was a lot of alcoholism, drug abuse, neglect, mental illness. It was full on. And we had to get right back to the cause of where it started. So to be a demonologist, there’s quite a lot involved, but it’s worth it. It’s worth knowing that you’re there and you’re able to assist the person, and able to assist them to have a good life.

Now, I could go into a lot of examples in this tape, and I just don’t feel that this is the tape for it today. I just want to say, if you feel you’ve got a personal, want to work in demonology, then you’ve probably had that calling most of your life. You’ve more than likely come under demonic attack. You’ve always, whether that may not be where you personally see them, it could be in your dreams as well. And you more than likely you have spiritual discernment. And you’ve been very interested in a lot of ways with the paranormal, whether it be to go and get readings continually, because you just can’t seem to get enough of being around that field, working in the field, wanting to watch movies, read books. you just have that overwhelming need to totally submerse yourself in that environment.

And that is your heads up, that this is a field that you’re meant to be in. Now, once again, if you choose to go into this field, you have a personal responsibility towards yourself and others, and that is with protection. Absolutely, never go in without protection. Two, know what it is that you’re walking into. So be very clear of what you’re walking into, and what prayers that you’re going to use for walking into that situation. And get to the cause, get to the root of the problem. How did that demonic presence get legal right to come into your home, or into you as a person? How did that happen? There would have been something that happened, that whether it be yourself, or your family have given the demonic the legal right to gain entry to your home, or to yourself. So as a demonologist, that’s part of the job that you’re here to do.

And I just wanted to give you some food for thought today, because if you do this work, you can help people in amazing ways, help people to get their life back on track, help people to understand what has been happening with them, help people to know that they’re not crazy, that these things are real, and best of all, help people to send the demonic back to where they belong, to the foot of the cross. And let Jesus discern where they’re to go from here. In other words, Thy will be done. And remember, you may be in the role of the demonologist, but you are not the one that gets all the glory and the praise. Yes, you said the prayers. Yes, you kept yourself safe. Yes, you were the one that tracked it back to where it started, but never forget that the only person, the only being that can remove the demons is God himself. Or Jesus Christ. So remember, who you honor. Remember who you honor, and don’t let ego takeover. Thank you.

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