Sacred Seal of Protection for Professionals


This audio program is specifically designed for professionals who work in the spiritual industry, as well as any person whose work involves dealing with people on a daily basis. It uses a spoken ‘Sacred Seal’ to help protect you, your clients, and any other person whom you come into contact with.

By listening to, or saying this Seal, you will be protected from all negative forces & spirits, as well as lifting your own vibrational energies. Doing this will help cleanse your aura and chakra points, resulting in profound changes to help you through your working day. As a bonus, this mp3 also contains a separate ‘Personal Seal’ to be used for your private life too.



I was taught the 'Sacred Seal of Protection Prayer' by my two spiritual guides Mary & Malachi. It was a work in progress over a ten year period full of experiences & revelations. They also taught me an extended version of the Seal, as an added protection for the work that I do in the spiritual field.

Mary & Malachi have asked that I share the extended version of the 'Sacred Seal of Protection Prayer' with all of the professionals who work in the spiritual field. These include not only those who conduct readings, healings or anything related to the field, but also for those who work in any other positions that deal directly with people.

How it Works

By saying the professional version of the Seal it will help lift your vibrational frequency to a higher level. The Seal is essentially an energy combination. Although it calls in Angels, Saints, and other well-known religious figures, the Seal has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the energy.  Can you imagine the amount of people that say the “Our Father Prayer” throughout the world every day and the energy that would come with that?

We request that you do not compromise the Seal by changing it, however you can add into the Seal for example your own guides and angels, but please do not comprise the Seal by not adding in Mary or Malachi.

While the Seal is in itself very simplistic, it offers impenetrable protection. Once the Seal is in place, negative energy in any form, whether it be negative thoughts of others or energy of disembodied spirits still focusing on this plane; they cannot penetrate.

I have personally experienced, and psychically witnessed around others, the absolute power of the Seal. It is the combination of the words, prayers and the calling in the purest of energies that makes the Seal so powerfully protective.


For all of the years I have worked in the spiritual field and the large amount of clients that I have seen and do see for readings, healings and all of the other work I do in my business, all I say is the Professional version of the Sacred Seal of Protection to keep myself, my family, loved ones, my clients, staff and all those whom I come in contact with whilst working in the field protected and safe.

I do this by saying the Seal every day. I recommend that you say the Seal before you start your working day. I personally do the Seal in the shower every morning of every day.

To begin I say the Prayer and then I move into the Professional version of the Scared Seal...