Sacred Seal of Protection

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Mani and welcome to the professional Sacred Seal of Protection Prayer. I was taught the Sacred Seal of Protection Prayer by my two spiritual guides, Mary and Malachi. It was a working progress over a 10 year period of different experiences and revelations.

With this, they also taught me an extended version of the seal as an added protection that I do in the spiritual field. Mary and Malachi have asked that I share the extended version of the Sacred Seal of Protection Prayer with all the professionals who work in the spiritual field. It is also for those who work in other positions that deal directly with people.

By saying the professional version of the seal, it will help lift your vibrational frequency to a higher level. The seal is essentially an energy combination. This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with energy.

Please do not compromise the seal by adding to it. The uncompromised seal offers impenetrable protection.

Sacred Seal of Protection

Download the Seal and gain impenetrable protection.


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