All Psychic Medium Services Elizabeth Offers


Elizabeth is a very experienced, and most importantly, very accurate psychic medium. With her spiritual guides Mary & Malachi, she conducts a wide range of different readings for individuals & groups.


Blessing Rituals can also be used to correct more serious problems such as negative energies in the land, negative predecessor, financial misfortune, poor health, bad neighbourhood energy.  


When we create rejuvenating emotions, the signal from the heart to the brain becomes more harmonised. This then increases well-being, boosts the immune system, uplifts and inspires.

Curse Removal

Elizabeth has the ability to see, hear and communicate with spirit, working directly with Mary & Malachi, they have the ability to remove and clear any negative energy on individuals, homes or workplaces. 

Energy Clearings

Ideal for people who are feeling burnt out, exhausted, or have had major changes in their life, the Individual Energy Clearings service offers a cleansing of the spirit, leaving you feeling refreshed.


This is for those who truly suspect a location is Demonically infested, an individual (or family) or someone is being oppressed or possessed by malicious or diabolical forces and need help.

Are you seeking clarity, direction, or answers?

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