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Thank you Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi for your kind guidance!!! I was absolutely blown away by how accurate and detailed the reading was! Moreover, the parental guidance and care helped me to believe in myself and my intuition. Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction!!!

Julia (Moranbah, QLD)

“Thank you for the reading Mary, Malachi and yourself did for me a couple of weeks ago when you came to Toowoomba. Wow, I was amazed at how much you knew what was going on in my life at the time. I was astounded when within the first 3 minutes of the reading, Mary and Malachi told you that I had lost my job recently and yet you knew nothing about me before I entered the room. It was true, I had only lost it a couple of weeks ago to which your guides told you there was a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the way my departure had happened. It was true. Well, from that very moment, I knew that this reading was going to be good for me. It definitely was.

You also told me there was training of some kind around me, and there was also an add on to that training would be good for me as well. It was incredible, the day before I had only just got told my cert III in Finance course had come through and I was to start it on the following Monday. The add on training, was there was also a tafe course on word processing I was tossing up whether to do it or not. In the reading your guides acknowledged both courses would be good for me. A couple of weeks now into doing the courses and I’m feeling heaps better than I did before I saw you and you pointed me in the right direction. I’ve told my friends about the reading Mary, Malachi and yourself gave me and I do hope they get one done by you, as you and your guides have helped me so much with the guidance you gave to me. Once again, thank you so much Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi.

Joanne (Toowoomba, QLD)

What can I say except wow… totally amazing. I received so many answers… I know I was making the right choices, that my prayers are heard and I am heading in the right direction. Thanks to Mary, Malachi and Elizabeth for everything. Especially regarding my daughter. The help and guidance for her was incredible and I can’t thank you enough.

Requested Anonymity (Dalby, QLD)

WOW. Elizabeth is right on the money.

Karl (QLD)

She’s the real deal alright! Cleared a lot of things up.

Dom (QLD)

Thank you, Elizabeth. You have a remarkable gift. I found your reading to be incredibly profound and touched the very core of my soul. That you were able to correctly identify and physically describe my three children (of whom you had no knowledge of) was utterly astounding. Your honesty, kindness and sense of humour helped me connect with you although I was silent during the reading itself. Mary and Malachi gently reminded me of past difficulties, how I overcame them and then prepared me for possible future challenges. You gave me hope by acknowledging my inner strengths and future possibilities.

Jackie (QLD)

I would like to express my appreciation of bearing witness to Elizabeth giving a night of readings to the public. I am in the process of learning to give readings and can only scratch the surface of what can be picked up. Elizabeth started reading, and the love of Spirit took over, the words just flowed hard and fast and she kept hitting the mark with everyone. I watched as people’s eyes started to light up when they recognised and understood their message. Each reading was done with compassion and caring, when there was pain involved, the love was always present.

Elizabeth reassured people that Spirit was with them and that Spirit knew and understood how they felt. People in the room talked of their love of the spiritual way of life; Elizabeth brought through questions from Spirit that gently asked people to honour their talk. There was a disfigured woman sitting in the front of the audience. The message came through that she was loved, and a good person; but it also came through that she was lonely and she wasn’t going to be lonely for long. The look of thanks in that woman’s face is something I will never forget. Nor will I forget the compassion that Elizabeth was able to express from Spirit and her guides; Mary and Malachi.

Rev. Angie (QLD)

The reading I had with Elizabeth was so factual and helpful that I had all the confidence to suggest my son and daughter should have a reading also. I have followed up as much as possible on the guidance that Mary and Malachi gave me and I have found the results to be very positive for my wellbeing. They inspired me to do some self help work on myself and to assist me in seeing blocks and obstacles in my path. I am truly grateful and thankful for Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi to have come into my life at this stage. Very informative and accurate, thank you Elizabeth.

Sheryl (Hervey Bay, QLD)

I was referred to Elizabeth by my cousin over five years ago and since then my life has changed for the better. I have had regular readings and healings from Elizabeth over the years. I have grown as a person emotionally and have become aware of other people and know I don’t have to own their issues. I always had a feeling there were spirits around but also had a little doubt. After having my first reading with Elizabeth I walked out of there knowing 100% that we live on in spirit and are never alone.

Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi have helped me to heal emotionally and release some of the baggage that I carried around with me in my life. I cannot speak more highly about anyone then Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi. I am extremely grateful to her for sharing her gift and helping me. I would recommend Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi to anyone wanting to be enlightened.

Sharon (QLD)

yes!, it is all happening..l am grateful that we met …yes i done it, just how u said…. YOUR GREAT

Noi (Toowoomba, QLD)

This lady is very good 🙂

Donagh (Brisbane, QLD)

I just wanted to send a thank you note to Elizabeth, I visited her in Toowoomba recently and her reading with Mary and Malachi has been greatly appreciated and they have helped me get over my hurdle and I’m not crying anymore thanks to you all. Have a merry xmas and God Bless, love Cathy

Catherine (Toowoomba, QLD)

Dear Elizabeth I shall never forget my reading with you on Saturday. Heartfelt thanks to you for sharing your precious gift with me and to Mary & Malachi for their spiritual guidance and insight. To say my session was breathtaking is an understatement! I would like to see you again for a healing when you are next in Toowoomba so would you let me know the dates so I can book in please? Warm wishes Paula.

Paul (Toowoomba, QLD)

Hi Elizabeth, Just wanted to pop in and quickly say a big thankyou for my reading. I feel blessed to have met you Mary and Malachi and look forward to many more visits with you. THANKYOU and bless you and good luck and good fortune in all the coming years as your business expands and grows as it is destined to do. Many, many thanks, Michelle xxoo

Michelle (Toowoomba, QLD)

“Most people have heard the comments “they have a God’s Gift” we’ll when referring to Elizabeth in my mind it is 100% fact. I met Elizabeth approx 10 years ago, a friend of mine had mentioned to me that Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi was coming to Cairns for a weekend to do readings and healings. I started to have readings since I was 15 I’m now 36, I was always keeping an ear open for someone that I hadn’t been to (& I had been to many readers). I went with my friend and she went in first, after and hour she came out with a stunned look on her face saying to me “Kylie there are no secrets” Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi mentioned to her about a situation that occurred weeks earlier in her life and the people who where involved.

It was always commented to me that I was a late bloomer in life, and maybe that is why I was searching for something to guide me, after my first reading with Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi, I finally stopped looking for that “something”. The statement, ” To renew one’s faith & for those who are lost” literally states the magnitude of Elizabeth’s gift. I often state to people when in the conversation of people with “gifts” that I have never met anyone that matches her calibre. I was so amazed by her gift that I organised her to come back to Cairns some months later for 2 weeks of readings and healings.  If you are sitting here reading this and are really lost and disheartened, If I could state anything to you, I have found there is no judgement, only kindness and encouragement and a sense direction. I have also learnt that there are no coincidences in life.

Kylie (Cairns, QLD)

Hi, my name is Margaret, I would like to share my respect and admiration of Elizabeth and her guides Mary and Malachi. The time of my visit with Elizabeth was a very emotional time. I was hurting very deeply unable to focus or find a solution to a situation that was unfolding around me. The information I received was very positive and comforting. This allowed me to realise I was not at fault and all was not lost. Due to Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi I am once again on my rightful path. Elizabeth has a uniqueness that allows you after a reading, to make every day fresh and new. To go in search of the knowledge and experiences that awaits us, to invest in our dreams and to realise our health is a wealth and our love is a treasure. Anyone looking for that Soul connection to improve the quality of their life do contact Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi.

Margaret (Toowoomba, QLD)

It has been a very rewarding experience and has supported my faith. Thank you again. I will certainly recommend you. with love.

Jo (Toowoomba, QLD)

Hi Elizabeth, you read for me in Brissy, at the time you amazed me. Your beautiful Guides. While travelling home today, spirit sent me the wrong way and I said Damm, then I kept following the road and here is this big Sign on A fence In Beenleigh, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I laughed and thought how funny that was because it was your sign, I am moving in two weeks to Beaudesert as YOU said I would, haha near enough to the mountains for me. But I know the reason and That is for me to work with you. Thank you Beautiful Lady for being who you are. I can’t wait to see you again. Blessings to you. xox

Helen (Brisbane)

Very excited right now. Received my Cd of the reading I had done last week with Elizabeth Mani, can’t wait to hear it all back again and again.

Mickey (Brisbane)

Dear Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi, I wanted to thank you so much for the reading I recently had with you. I’m so grateful to you all for passing the messages on and giving me much clarity that I can share with my family. You have an amazing gift and I’m so thankful to have been able to meet with you and have a reading. Sending love, light and blessing to you all x

Debbi (Brisbane)

Thank you Elizabeth for my reading, it was amazing and put my mind at rest on certain matters and a big thank you to Mary and Malachi for their guidance and understanding. I now have a great deal of peace of mind, thank you again!!

Rhonda (Lismore)

I went to see Elizabeth feeling very confused and worried, my life was at big crossroads and everything seemed to be going wrong. When I went in for my reading, I didn’t even open my mouth, Elizabeth’s guides Mary and Malachi picked up on everything I was worried about and gave me great advice and guidance. The accuracy was unbelievable and the enormous relief from the messages bought me to tears. I can’t thank Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi enough and can’t wait to have future readings.

Laura (Lismore)

I would like to thank Elizabeth and her guides Mary & Malachi, for giving me an honest and accurate reading which I needed to hear. I recommend a reading to anybody that is open enough to the idea that spiritual beliefs and modern living go hand in hand. Elizabeth intuitive approach can help look at the challenges of life in a more open way.

Peter (Lismore)

“She is amazing she has helped me get answers to what happened to my decreased Brother. Thank you for your kindness.”

– Kathy (USA)

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