‘The Calling’ Sacred Meditation

This sacred meditation was taught to Elizabeth by her 2 spiritual guides Mary & Malachi. They requested it be shared with all people seeking genuine spiritual & psychic development. It is the only meditation Elizabeth teaches & practices!

You can expect a profound personal journey as you progress through all the different levels on this MP3 download. It begins with Elizabeth guiding you into meditation, followed by a haunting chant to ‘Call in the Saints’, and concludes with an original score of ambient musical soundscapes. Listened to from start to finish you will explore the deepest depths of meditative bliss & spiritual connection with this unique program.

About the ‘Ahveeys’

On track 3 of this MP3 is a very special process that I was taught by my spiritual guides called ‘Ahveey’. This is a sacred melodic sequence that is sung to help call in the Saints. By listening to this track you will be enveloped in bliss, protection and love, as you call upon the sacred powers of those who have come before us to help in your life.


Time permitting, the best way to use this audio program is to find a quiet place and listen to it in it’s entirety from start to finish. If you are limited by time, it is also fine just to listen to tracks 2 & 3 which contain the sacred meditation and Ahveeys. The intent is to start at least 5 minutes, building to 30-40 minutes daily. The music tracks following the meditation are designed to give you ‘personal time’ in meditation to further develop your psychic and spiritual connections within.

‘The Calling’ Sacred Meditation

Download ‘The Calling’ Sacred Meditation.


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