The Heart Brain Coherent Meditation

Heart-Brain Coherent Meditation Transcript

Hi, everybody. Welcome.

To those who don’t know me, my name is Elizabeth Mani. And I am here today to talk to you about the Heart-Brain Coherent Meditation. I’ve been promising many of my clients for some time now that I would have this recorded and put on to my website.

I find this meditation amazing because it really does help to connect the heart and brain and bring them both into harmony together. It has been proven by scientists that the heart, or the [inaudible] the heart, the little brain in the heart because it’s now been found that the heart can hold on to its own memories and its own thoughts. And it’s pretty powerful within itself. And if you can harmonize both the heart and the brain, then it brings along with it so many positives, it helps with your immune systems, it helps to repair restoration of your DNA. And it helps with your intuition, helps you to think more clearly, and helps you to retain information, which is something that I once had difficulty with.

I often have many people saying to me, “You know Elizabeth, it’s always said that if you put it out there, and you put it out to the universe with the right intent. And  this is what you’re hoping for and this is what you’re wanting, then those things should be able to come back into you, you should be able to manifest those.” And my argument with people has always been, “How are you communicating?”, because are you communicating with your thought or are you communicating with your emotion. Because the language that the universe understands is the language of emotion and that’s what our subconscious understands.

So if you put all your heart into what it is that you’re saying, you have more of an opportunity then to be able to manifest as long as it’s in the divine design of Father or of God, then you have a very strong chance of being able to manifest that at a lot faster pace.

So for the Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation, there are actually three steps to be able to do this. 

The first step is to bring your intentions inward. It’s not about looking out there or thinking externally, it’s about looking inside and really, really going within. And while you’re going within, it’s also about telling yourself while you’re doing this that you know everything’s okay, you’re gonna be fine, you’re in a really, really safest place and you’re going to be able to do this.

The next step is that you can either put your hand in a prayer format and touch that heart in your chest or you can put your hands over your chest on your heart area, or just one hand, whatever is comfortable for you.

For sure, awareness will always go to the place that you touched, and what we’re really wanting to do is activate that heart center. And while you’re doing that, I want you to start to slowly commence the process of slowing down your breathing. And to be able to do that, you go five seconds in through your nose, and then slowly exhale out of your mouth for those five seconds.

And then while you’re doing that, the next point is to think of a memory of somebody or something, it needs to be a really positive memory. Whether it be of a great holiday that you had with your family, or your children, or your partner, or just by yourself. Or could be of your favorite pet, could be anything as long as it’s positive and it doesn’t have to be just one memory.

You might choose to hold on to two memories and at one point in the meditation, you’ll think of one memory and later on, you may change it to another memory. So once again, first point, bring your intention inward. So you’re focusing inward and not worrying about what’s happening out there externally, you’re not worrying about anything like that. You’re just going inward and finding that quiet place, as you’re going inward, you’re touching now your heart center.

Whether you’re doing with your thumbs on your heart center in that hollow in your chest, as if in a prayer format, or just put in your hands over that area. Whatever is the most comfortable for you, there’s no right or wrong with this process.

And then while you’re doing that, you’re thinking of a really positive memory, of somebody or something, or if you like, two positive memories of someone or something. And as you’re slowly getting into that zone, you’re taking a very deep breath in for five seconds, and then you will exhale for five seconds.

Now, the very last step then is to create some really amazing feelings within yourself, the feelings of appreciation, compassion, care, and joy. Once again, the feelings of appreciation, compassion, care, and joy.

So let’s all do this together. So you now know you’re slowing your breathing right down, you’re taking a deep breath in for the count of five seconds, and then you’re exhaling for a count of five seconds.

While you’re doing that, your hands are on the heart center, whether it be one hand, two hands, or your hands in the prayer format with your thumbs on your heart center, because your awareness will go to the place in the body that you touch.

So you’re breathing in for five seconds, and then out for five seconds. You’ve got the memory that you’re thinking of, a really positive memory. It has to be of somebody or something, but it’s a memory that makes you feel really good inside. And then you’re generating those feelings of appreciation, compassion, care, and joy.

Now I invite you now, while you’re going through and doing this, I’ll probably do it with you. I’ll do it with you for a couple of moments, but the whole thing is for you to do it for twenty minutes. And you may initially find this difficult, so even if you start off in three-minute lots, but eventually get it up if you can to the twenty minutes.

Usually, in the background, I will always have the Solfeggio frequency, I like mine on the miracle which is the 528 Hz. But this is the amazing frequency and it’ll help you get much deeper into the Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation and get all those amazing benefits.

If you do this every day and get into a routine of doing this every day, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a shift worker, it doesn’t matter if you start at six today and finish at two, then start at ten tomorrow and finish at six o’clock in the morning. Whatever your day is, you’ll find your time to put aside 20 to 25 minutes to be able to do this each day, and you will receive the benefits of this.

So let’s go and give this a go, I’ll do it with you for a couple of minutes, but hopefully, you will be able to then continue on and do it for the next 17 minutes, all up to 20 minutes. So let’s go. Breathing in for five seconds, and exhaling for five seconds. Breathing in for five seconds, and exhaling for five seconds. Don’t forget to feel those feelings of appreciation, care, compassion, and joy while you’re thinking of that very positive memory of somebody or something.

Knowing at all times you’re in a very safe place and just relax into this meditation. It has been said that after you do this meditation, this amazing good feeling should last with you for around six hours. So nearly your whole working day. Breathe in for five seconds, and breathe out for five seconds.

For those of you who have seen this on Facebook or Instagram or even Youtube, please visit our website Because up there you’ll find there are going to be a lot more videos of different vibrational energy exercises and daily routines with few vibrational energy that will help you get through the day, or help you overcome some different stresses that you may be currently experiencing in your life.

Thank you everybody, and thank you for listening. I hope you continue with this meditation. Bye.

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