The Promise Package



Do you have the same type of relationship over and over again?

Do you rescue people?

Do addictions follow you?

Does the same situation continually occur in your life?

Do you get taken advantage of continually?

If any of the above relates to you


Then The Promise is for you!


What is ‘The Promise’


‘The Promise’ is the formula that was taught to Elizabeth by Mary and Malachi. It is through following the formula that enables each of us to navigate and remove all emotional areas hindering our progress forward in this lifetime. Through “The Promise” you will learn to change behavioural patterns that cause disharmony in your life with others, and why certain situations and people keep reoccurring in your life.

For example:
Why do you have the same type of relationship over and over again? Why do you rescue people? Why do addictions follow you? Why can’t you move forward? Why do you get taken advantage of continually? and so on!’

‘The Promise’ is that if you follow the formula you will commence the journey of moving through the emotional roller-coaster of life, clearing all emotional areas of your life, thus commencing the journey towards your own personal relationship with the Divine and True Manifestation.

“The ultimate outcome of “The Promise” is that the formula assists us to move towards our own personal relationship with the “Divine”

Elizabeth works with you to learn and understand the formula and to implement in your everyday life. The formula will assist you with the process to work through and let go of all your emotional baggage and overcome obstacles that hinder you, to move towards your life path and own personal destiny.

While the formula may seem very easy and straight forward, can be confronting, as we gain more insight to who we are as individuals and the lessons we are here to learn. For often, that which we are here to learn is the hardest to overcome, and will continue to follow us throughout our lives until we learn the lesson and cease to no longer have an emotional reaction to that which we are to learn.

It is through this process that we begin the journey towards knowing ourselves and embracing the saying of “to thine own self be true”. However, to be able to achieve this we need to have an understanding of all aspects of our self including our ‘shadow sides’ and the Universal Laws that we are all bound by and that hold us accountable for all our actions.

Through ‘The Promise’ you will have a better understanding of who you are, realising that each of us are here on our own personal journey with our own lessons to learn. With this understanding you become more compassionate towards others and begin to see people through a different set of eyes appreciating that each of us are on our own person journey of self discovery. Through “The Promise” you will become the person you where meant to be.

“It’s a universal premise that if we truly want to be able to manifest our dreams, we must first clear the emotional areas of our lives that hold us back”

This Individual Course is a minimum of 3 Sessions at 1.5 hr per session at a cost of $170.00 per session

The Promise Package



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