The St Faustina Prayer

Early in Elizabeth’s life, she was told by the Saints that visited with her, that when she prayed a solemn request for help for herself or others, that all Saints would also intervene on her behalf and carry the prayers directly to God.

Elizabeth now offers for all people, the opportunity to have the Saint Faustina Prayer, also known as the Chaplet of Mercy, said for their loved ones who are very ill or dying, for Jesus made a promise to Saint Faustina that whoever immerses themselves in his mercy at the hour of their death, that he would stand between himself and his father and that mercy will triumph over Justice.  This prayer is also beneficial for sinners and those who have a special request.

Once a Prayer Request is purchased, Elizabeth then receives the Prayer Request and on the designated day (Tuesday between 3pm-4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time), Elizabeth along with Saint Faustina and all the Saints will commence praying the Chaplet of Mercy for the person that is Terminally ill, needs forgiveness or has a special request.

Elizabeth likes for people to know the day and time that she will be saying the Prayer Request for their nominated person – so as to encourage them and others to say the prayer on the same day and time as Elizabeth and all the Saints.

Throughout Elizabeth’s life, she has been honoured by the visitation of the Most Holy – Saints.  Many times, Elizabeth would see them beside her kneeling and praying – then the words ‘We will pray for you’ would be said before they disappeared.  But on occasion a visitation would be of one Holy Person – Saint Faustina.

Elizabeth remembers when she first met Saint Faustina.  She was in her late 20’s when she observed a figure kneeling and praying. Elizabeth was curious to know who she was, and when questioned the figure replied, “Saint Faustina.”  Elizabeth’s interest was immediately sparked, and she spent many hours researching Saint Faustina and the promise of the Chaplet of Mercy.

St Faustina Prayer

Elizabeth also recalls a time a little later, when herself and her family had their home held to ransom by demonic beings. Elizabeth, her then husband and children were being tormented by these demonic beings. Elizabeth turned to Priests which only helped for a short time. When things started to get worse, she decided to take matters into her own hands and let the battle begin.

Elizabeth was like any mother would naturally be – infuriated that something would even dare to attack her children.  She fought them with what she knew – prayer.  She prayed the Rosary and Chaplet of mercy and called in Arch Angel Michael and all the Saints. Elizabeth was relentless, she stood in the power of what she knew, and she suddenly realised what she was always meant to do, her calling – to fight the evil.

She recalls watching as one by one the evil beings were being dragged away. Then, to her surprise, she saw many souls being released from the house and moving towards the light.

Elizabeth can clearly remember when the battle was won, she recalls it was a Christmas day at 3pm.  Sitting at her dining table, she saw a vision. She remembers she was speechless and in disbelief as she was looking at the same vision that Saint Faustina was asked to draw, a vision of Jesus himself. The vision motioned to her and spoke – ‘Thank you Elizabeth’.  Elizabeth then witnessed many saints praying to the side of the vision.  Elizabeth was told then, that when she prayed, her prayers will carry the prayers of all saints (Elizabeth now knows that there are approximately 10,000 Saints). It was at this time that she was asked to Pray the Chaplet of Mercy and that any requests for herself or others, the Saints would also pray along with her and carry these prayers to God. 

Elizabeth has been asked to teach people this Prayer, The Chaplet of Mercy, and to educate people that this Prayer is most powerful for a person at the time of their passing, for forgiveness and special requests.

Client Success Story

My association with Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi began over three years ago. Within that time, my choice to fully engage with the Saint Faustina Chaplet of Mercy prayers and the impact this has for myself and my family is probably unable to be interpreted into words. The strength of these prayers to help with any problem or situation is very real.

During this time, I have had many life changes and through all of which I have the assurance and guidance of Mary, Malachi, and the Saint Faustina prayers. At my lowest point, I have been guided through a relationship breakdown and business collapse. Today, I have a new career, have relocated, and am buying a home that I will one day own (with the prayers to ensure that my home is safe and secure). Gradually, all the details came into place to enable this journey for me.

Under this guidance, I have obtained enough work to ensure that I am able to pay my mortgage and live comfortably. With each small and large decision necessary for living, I request guidance – believing in the strength of these prayers. Thankfully, Saint Faustina Chaplet of Mercy prayer has signaled when I have needed to pay more attention to my health whereby significant problems have been avoided.

Finally, but of the utmost importance to myself, the strength of these prayers is helping improve my children’s lives so significantly. Individually, these prayers are addressing the health, relationship, and life problems that each is facing. I am also guided as to how best to help them as a mother.

There are too many instances for me to note, however I can humbly profess the life-changing strength that comes from believing and following in the Saint Faustina Chaplet of Mercy prayers.

This is very real.’

A. Queensland.

The St Faustina Prayer

This prayer is yours FREE with a donation to The Smith Family.

I absolutely love The Smith Family because they assist children from disadvantaged families with their schooling. Supporting ‘our children’ to grow into healthy and happy adults with a good sense of self is extremely important, not only for themselves, but for the community as well. I am a strong believer in education and that a strong sense of self combined with good education will create a positive way forward for the future.

Kind regards, Elizabeth Mani

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