St Gertrude Prayer

Early in Elizabeth’s life, she was told by the Saints that visited with her, that when she prayed a solemn request for help for herself or others, that all Saints would also intervene on her behalf and carry the prayers directly to God.

Elizabeth now offers for all people, the opportunity to have the Saint Gertrude prayer said for their loved ones that have passed over. She has been given the gift of intercession – praying for the souls on the Road of Reflection (Purgatory) – and naming those people that can quickly move through the Purification process and onto God.

Once a Prayer Request is purchased, Elizabeth then receives the Prayer Request and on the designated day (Monday’s between 3pm-4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time), Elizabeth along with Saint Gertrude and all Saints will commence praying the Saint Gertrude the Great Prayer for the release of Souls on the Road of Reflection (Purgatory) – with particular mention for the Soul requested.

Elizabeth likes for people to know the day and time that she will be saying the Prayer Request for their nominated person, so as to encourage them and others to say the prayer on the same day and time as Elizabeth and all the Saints.

Throughout her life, Elizabeth has been honoured by the visitation of the Most Holy – Saints.  Many times, she would see them beside her kneeling and praying – then the words ‘we will pray for you’ would be said before they disappeared.  But on occasion, a visitation would be of one Holy Person – Saint Gertrude.  

As a child Elizabeth was visited by Saint Gertrude who asked her to pray for the souls in Purgatory as they most needed our prayers. In a vision, Elizabeth was shown many souls, on what she can only describe as a dirt winding road that had a slight incline, walking silently with their heads down, as if in thought or prayer.

St Gertrude Prayer

As She was observing, she saw many saints along the Road talking individually to many souls.  She remembers her surprise when she saw her Grandfather and Uncle on this Road.  When they noticed Elizabeth watching them, they pleaded with her to pray for them.

When the vision of Purgatory ended, Saint Gertrude asked Elizabeth to not only pray for the lost souls in Purgatory, but also to make it known to all people how important it is that we all pray for the souls in Purgatory – especially our loved ones that have passed over.

As a child, Elizabeth made a promise to Saint Gertrude that she would do this.

Due to the winding dirt road that Elizabeth witnessed in her vision; she now calls Purgatory “The Road of Reflection”.

St Gertrude Prayer

This prayer is yours FREE with a donation to St Vincent de Paul.

St Vincent de Paul is a fantastic organisation. My parents were involved in the organisation for years. They cooked food and prepared lunch for the homeless as well as helping people with different forms of support throughout the community. I’d like to continue this family tradition.

Kind regards, Elizabeth Mani

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