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Welcome to the official website of Australian psychic medium, Elizabeth Mani. Elizabeth Mani is affectionately known as ‘The Psychic Saint.’ Elizabeth is humbly God’s servant and has been called to help others through the guidance of Saints. As Doreen Virtue works with the Arch Angels, Elizabeth Mani works with the Saints.

On this site you will find a large collection of resources, products, and services offered by Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s life purpose is to help others.

She does this through her gift; two spiritual guides, Mary & Malachi. This couple with her qualifications attained through a lifetime of working within the spiritual industry in Brisbane, Australia as well as worldwide.

In a reading conducted by Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi can look into a person’s book of life – Akashic Records and give advice according to what is in their in Book of Life, in relation to the best outcomes for situations and the path to follow.  They also have the ability to remove Karma and to change Karma for a person depending on the situation and how the person has been trying to work on themselves.

To renew one’s faith and

for those who are lost.

Services Elizabeth Offers


Elizabeth is a very experienced, and most importantly, very accurate psychic medium. With her spiritual guides Mary & Malachi, she conducts a wide range of different readings for individuals & groups.


Blessing Rituals can also be used to correct more serious problems such as negative energies in the land, negative predecessor, financial misfortune, poor health, bad neighbourhood energy.  


When we create rejuvenating emotions, the signal from the heart to the brain becomes more harmonised. This then increases
well-being, boosts the immune system, uplifts and inspires.

Space Clearing

Elizabeth has the ability to see, hear and communicate with spirit, working directly with Mary & Malachi, they have the ability to remove and clear any negative energy on individuals, homes or workplaces. 


This is for those who truly suspect a location is Demonically infested, an individual (or family) or someone is being oppressed or possessed by malicious or diabolical forces and need help.

Other Services

Elizabeth offers other professional services including energy clearings, psychic development courses, Bach Flower consultations, and meditation development sessions.


“My first reading with Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi was in 2012 and I have been having regular readings ever since. 
They are so caring and genuine and very, very accurate whether it be a face to face reading or via phone. Readings are very detailed and clear so you can focus on the things in your life that need adjustment or confirmation. 

Recently they communicated with my unborn grandson and I was absolutely amazed that everything he was telling them was true. They absolutely could not have known the details he told them as only myself and my daughter knew about it. What a miracle that was. I feel like I know my grand baby before he’s actually born. 

It’s a real privilege to be guided by them.”


20 Minute Healing

20 Minute Distant Healing


Are you exhausted or fatigued? Are you going through a significant change such as Illness, divorce, job redundancy? A healing will help you clear and shift what is no longer serving you.

St Faustina Prayer

Saint Faustina Prayer


Elizabeth along with Saint Faustina and all the Saints will commence praying the Chaplet of Mercy for the person that is Terminally ill, needs forgiveness or has a special request.

St Gertrude Prayer

Saint Gertrude Prayer


Elizabeth along with Saint Gertrude and all Saints will commence praying for the release of Souls on the Road of Reflection (Purgatory) – with particular mention for the Soul requested.

Are you seeking clarity, direction, or answers?

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