Reading Packages

40 Minute Reading & 1 Hour Healing

Elizabeth’s ‘All-In-One Package’ is great value with great savings!


40 Minute Personal Psychic Reading


This is a private reading with Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi The reading you have, will be centred on the “Now” however, if there is information that is relevant or important to the future it will be disclosed and discussed in the reading.

If you are in a rut, on the wrong path, lost, disheartened in life, need relationship or require business guidance or need help in the right direction, they will be able to give you the strategies, answers tools and guidance that will assist you to move through the maze, make informed choices and help you back on track to move forward with your life.


1 Hour Energy/Healing Session


Through energy healing Elizabeth & her guides Mary & Malachi are able to clear blockages in your energy field, identifying areas that are stagnate and work with you to minimise stress in your life to assist with your overall health and well being.

“There are not enough words to express my gratitude and thanks for the support and guidance I have received from Elizabeth, Mary, and Malachi. 

They have guided me through very challenging moments in my life and have fought very hard for me. It all worked out well; as they said it would. 

I cannot overstate enough how the healings and clearings have affected all areas of my life in a positive way. It is truly a great comfort to me to know that my family and I are safe and protected. 

The readings have left me speechless on more than one occasion and extremely happy.  I knew I could trust the information and advice I was provided. The readings also validated for me that our loved ones are still around us even after they pass away.  This validation gave me a lot of peace of mind and it was one of the greatest gifts I received during a difficult emotional time. 

Elizabeth is a very kind, compassionate lady who has an extraordinary gift which she uses selflessly. Her guides Mary and Malachi are without a doubt the most loving and generous beings I have been blessed to speak with. There is no judgement from them, only love, honesty, sincerity and a lot of patience!”


40 Minute Reading & 1 Hour Healing



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