Individual and Generational Curse Removal

The effects of an individual and or generational curse can have catastrophic effects on all affected. 


The effects can be long term, often fracturing a person’s psyche and family, where the person and family feel totally despondent not only with their life but with life in general. Feelings of hopelessness, despair and anguish become so woven into the fabrics of their lives that they don’t know any different.

Curse Removal

The questions that need to be asked is:

Has your life become a series of disappointments and setbacks?

Have you had the feeling that ‘bad luck’ has been following yourself, immediate and extended family?

Is your life stuck in a cycle of letdowns? If so you may be experiencing the effects of a curse, hex, jinx, evil eye or negative energy, whether that be generational or individual.

Have you sought help from doctors, therapists, spiritualists, only to be disappointed?

This destructive force can go undetected for generations. It can slowly destroy your life, creating unnecessary misery for you and your loved ones.

Some people may take time to accept and realise that a curse of some description is haunting them. A lot of people encounter a lot of problems because they are not prepared to look beyond what is tangible and look outside the scope of what they perceive as ‘normal’ and get help. Unfortunately, this then creates an endless amount of problems only to finally realise that some hidden force was/is acting against them.

Common Signs of a curse:-

  • Look for patterns (cycles), repeated disappointments in love, carer, health, money – this can also include extended family.
  • Health problems – are the Doctors confused and unable to identify what the problem is. You have a pain or illness that cannot be diagnosed.
  • Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Suicide, Domestic Violence.
  • Overwhelming long-term depression or mood swings that medication, therapy or time can’t alleviate.
Love Spell Removal
  • Miscarriages, divorce – that seem to be a pattern throughout your family
  • Prolonged difficulty sleeping.
  • Experiencing paranormal activity.
  • Frequent misfortunes.
  • Unexplained infertility, repeated miscarriage.
  • Excessive unexplained bad luck.
  • Unexplained extreme weight gain or loss.
  • Experiencing a feeling of being raped or sexually abused while dreaming or awake?

Elizabeth Mani, along with her guides Mary and Malachi and the Saints that she calls upon for Generational and Individual Curse removal may remove any curse, hex, spell, jin, evil eye from you and remove and replace the curse with positive energy to assist you to move forward and live the life that you are meant too.

In addition, to the removal of the curse, a shield of protection is weaved in through and around you, your loved ones and loved ones for generations to come. This will protect them against any future curse, spell, hex, jinx or evil eye being placed on you, your children and family for generations to come.

The curse removal is so powerful that long after your initial consultation with Elizabeth, she has seen the Saints saying the Curse Removal Prayers for all who had curses placed on them.

If you suspect you are cursed, please book an Individual and Generational Curse Removal via the button below.

Love Spell Removal

Individual Curse Removal

Elizabeth will remove a curse from you or someone you know.


Generational Curse Removal

Elizabeth will remove a curse that has been in your family for generations.


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