‘Elizabeth has the gift of Spiritual Discernment-not only with wisdom and the ability to distinguish truth from error but also the awareness of evil or good spiritual presences – the ability to tell if a demon is in the room’.

As a child, Elizabeth was under constant attack and fear by a Demonic presence. The attack for her was the Demonic being entering her room every night in a hood cloak, where she could never see the face, but she instinctively knew the being was evil – Lucifer himself. Over time Elizabeth came to realise that while they could frighten her, they were never allowed to touch her. With this knowledge Elizabeth, at a very young age, began to remove demonic, evil and malicious spirits from her family and associates.

She was able to move through her fear and do what is necessary to keep herself and loved ones protected.

For those who truly suspect a location is Demonically infested, an individual (or family) or someone is being oppressed or possessed by malicious or diabolical forces, and want to talk to someone who understands what is happening, then contact Elizabeth Mani via her link on the website.


Removing Demons, evil and malicious spirits is not for the ‘layperson’ – please don’t try to do this yourself as it can and probably will place yourself and loved ones in great danger. Remember they are very deceitful and can lay dormant for as long as necessary – sometimes years. By doing this, they lull people into a false sense of security so as they believe they have removed the entity. When they do strike again, more ferocious and more determined to stay until they achieve the outcome desired, this is usually death and or for some serious mental illness.

When a Demonologist is first contacted, the initial primary purpose will be to identify the origin of the haunting, for example:

  • Is their dysfunction in the family, history of substance abuse, domestic violence, manipulative or sociopath behaviours?
  •  Is there someone in the house experiencing chronic depression, anxiety, illness.
  • Has their ever been satanic rituals held on the property, is their one person or multiple people in the family that are isolating themselves etc.?

Often, the isolated person/s is where the evil will imprint their energy and use family against one another.

What the Demonologist is looking for during the consultation (besides information and evidence), is the antagonist. How was the portal opened?

Once the Demonologist has gathered information to understand the dynamics of the family and their roles, they will then need to look into the timeline of the haunting/s. The Demonologist will review the psychological background and medication, mental illness etc. and evidence, to determine if the situation is sincere/genuine. If it is determined that the property/individual is not infested by Demonic, evil or malicious spirits, the client may only require a Space/House Blessing.

If there’s genuine evidence of a severe haunting, then the client will require the Demonologist to do Removal of Demons, evil and or malevolent spirits. The Removal of this energy takes Elizabeth seven days.

Demonic forces will go through a process of Demonic Hauntings:

  • Manifestation
  • Infestation
  • Oppression
  • Possession

The overarching motives of Demonic forces are to destroy and breakdown people, family and relationships to accomplish the goal of isolation. If possession, the goal is death and torment, feeding off the negativity of the family, breakdown people’s faith, cause things to happen and win people to the dark side.

Often there are specific characteristics that people will experience. Some people may experience one or two of these characteristics, while others will experience all of them.


  • Pig grunts and squeals, cat howling and hissing and shrieking, hoof prints and clawed imprints
  • Laughing, chuckling in a sinister tone. The ability to mimic voices and apparitions of family, can be a person deceased or alive.
  • Shadows on walls
  • Foreign voices inside head/mind that instruct people to do bad things
  • Visual – can be tall, short, in a cloak and hood with no face or face of a skull, shrouded. 
  • Black cloud, mist, matter
  • Can see Demonic and evil faces
  • Demonic forces will also mock the Holy Trinity with three knocks or wake the person up at 3 am.
  • Other times there may be bite marks or three scratches on the person. Once again, to mock the Holy Trinity.


As mentioned, Elizabeth has either experienced or witnessed these attacks on others for most of her adolescent and adult life. Fortunately, she has always been protected by the Divine and has been shown what is required to cast them away and battle the darkness. In essence, she has become a Spiritual Warrior that understands the ramifications and principles that apply concerning these things.


With this knowledge comes great responsibility, not only for herself but for others, and Elizabeth has been asked to assist others in ‘ridding’ them of these hauntings. The key is to recognise when this is happening to either yourself or those you are close to and seek help, before this evil takes a strong hold on your family and home thus creating further chaos and misfortune.

Demonology Consult

If you’ve experienced any of the phenomena detailed above, schedule an appointment with Elizabeth.


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