Love Spell / Curse Removal

Has your lover suddenly turned cold or distant?

Did someone you love or had deep feelings for, lose their feelings for you almost overnight?

Does a person you care about feel like someone else?

Does your life feel like it is surrounded by bad luck?

The chances are you are possibly experiencing a love curse/spell.

Love Spell Removal

Elizabeth Mani, with her guides Mary and Malachi and specific saints for the area of love curse removal, follows a specific process that combines prayers with ancient symbols, that are extremely powerful and effective for curse/spell removal. The Love Spell/Curse Removal will stop, eliminate, remove and destroy any spell or curse that has been cast upon you or another.

The sequence of prayers, combined with the specific ancient symbols taught to her by her guides Mary and Malachi, can quickly remove all bad energy, bad luck, break up spells, curses etc. Permanently and quickly.

Once a person is free from a curse that has been placed on them, they will start to behave in a more positive way towards you and once more be the person you first fell in love with.

The most common signs of a love curse/spell


  • Your lover turns cold or distant overnight
  • Infidelity, dishonesty, broken promises


Love Curse/Spell is among the most popular relationship-related curses. Many couples separate because of it. Love curses destroy love. Get a cursed relationship back on track.

Curse Removal

Love Spell Removal

Do you feel a love spell has been cast on you? Discuss this and its removal.


Love Curse Removal

Discuss removal of a love curse with Elizabeth.


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